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Roof Job Videos

This serie showing a Winter Park, FL. shingle roof
replacement with a flat modified bitumen roof.

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This video below gives you some information about roofing products.

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Residential Roofing

Our experienced staff can accommodate all of your needs whether they be residential roof repair, re-roofing, roof inspection or a new build. Residential roofing services…

  • Reroofing
  • Roof inspections
  • New installations and additions
  • Residential roof repair
  • Ongoing maintenance

Commercial Roof Services

Weather All Roofing, Inc. offers dedicated roofing work for commercial properties. Inspections, reroofing, maintenance, repairs and new roof placement is completed properly in a timely manner. Commercial roofing services…

  • Maintenance for roof integrity
  • Complete roof installation
  • Full repair work

Tips about Roof Repairs

Often when a homeowner discovers a brown stain on their ceiling or a water drip through the ceiling drywall or even some rotted wood along the edge of their home; they reach out to a local Roofing contractor and sign with the fastest guy to roll up to the door. Mistake…Big Mistake! It’s a classic scenario. The homeowner distressed has their personal belongings getting wet or damaged and goes into emergency mode. That can be the time when a wrong decision can cost more than just money.

Tile Roof Repair

Here’s some tips about the process of doing a repair:

* Never expect a roofing repair man to show up at your door with all the right materials the first time, unless his company has pre-examined your roof.

* Leaks are strange…by that I mean they can be sourcing from one point on the roof and traveling downhill or even laterally over to another spot and showing up inside somewhere else. Applying a patch over an area that is suspected to leak may not do the trick. Locating the hidden problem and having the roofing/flashing material removed will unlock the secret trouble and give you a good foundation to restart with. Often time surgery is necessary.

* Expect there to be hidden damage, such as rotted wood, deteriorated insulation and maybe even mold. Your family is living here, make an effort to protect their health and don’t ignore the seriousness of the situation. Contractors often can probe the attic sometimes and give you an expected cost or scenario of things you may be facing to repair or replace.

* Some things to consider about the actual repair are blending the materials (Shingles, Tile, types of low sloped roofing) into the existing system so that it matches in color, texture and connsistency of roofing, so you are not left with a huge band-aid on the roof that may leak or make your home look cheapened.

* Paying a fair price for what you get. This includes having a contractor who is insured (liability and workers comp on his employees), one that gives you in writing what exactly they will perform, one who will use good quality materials and manufacture’s specifications, makes an effort for things like cleanup and protecting your property and a company who can back up what they sell you with a warranty that the job will stand up for some time. (typically 6 months to 2 years on repairs)

How to select a Roofing Contractor?

When selecting a Roofing Contractor, you are making possibly the largest ever purchase on your home or building, and this will be an important choice for you as an owner. Here’s some common tips that the industry recommends for you:

Select from 3 Contractor Estimates.

Verify who you are doing business with is insured [Both Workers Comp & Liability].

Get references of their past work.

Compare warranties.

Don’t contract a roof replacement unless the firm will pull a permit.

Check with Dept. of Professional Registration or your State’s governoring body for contractor complaints.

Beware of large deposits on contracts.

Meet your Roofing Contractors representative. Face to face meetings give you a chance to get questions answered.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Built-up roofs have been in use ,for over 100 years. Weather All Roofing Inc., installs them in the state of Florida! We build our roofs to last. Ask about our performance minded details we put into every job.

We repair roofs better than our competition.

Why do we say that?

• Inspection of not only your problem leaks or scenarios, but inspection of the whole roof to make you aware of any other troubles.

• Proposals that give you a breakdown of costs to repair this or that.

• Honest advice about what you can expect in the future about lifespan & possible failures.

Repairs that last and we guarantee.