Orlando Area Roofing Contractor

Residential & Commercial Florida state certified roofing contractor. We install most types of roof systems, such as:

  • Shingles
  • Builtup
  • odified Bitumen
  • Singleply
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Roof repairs

Tips about Roof Repairs

Often when a homeowner discovers a brown stain on their ceiling or a water drip through the ceiling drywall or even some rotted wood along the edge of their home; they reach out to a local Roofing contractor and sign with the fastest guy to roll up to the door. Mistake…Big Mistake! It’s a classic scenario. The homeowner distressed has their personal belongings getting wet or damaged and goes into emergency mode. That can be the time when a wrong decision can cost more than just money.

Tile Roof Repair

Here’s some tips about the process of doing a repair:

* Never expect instant results- never expect a roofing repair man to show up at your door with all the right materials the first time, unless his company has pre-examined your roof.

* Leaks are strange- roof leaks can start from one location and travel under the roof or attic sideways or downhill to another location. A good troubleshooting of your leak scenario often with roof surgery will solve it.

* Expect hidden damage- there can be damage to the deck, roof structure or attic materials from your roof leak. Rotten wood or mold may be present in your home and mold can be a health risk.

* Appearance matters- installing the wrong color shingle/metal or tile can create a poorly looking repair. This can cheapen the appearance of your home, draw the attention of a HOA or lower the value of your home.

* Pay for what you get- Paying a fair price for an detailed list of repairs by a licensed contractor with proper insurance is worthwhile. These types of repairs will likely last longer, they come with a warranty and you’ll be protected by the contractor’s insurance during and after the work is finished. (typically 6 months to 2 years on repairs)

How to select a Roofing Contractor?

When selecting a Roofing Contractor, you are making possibly the largest ever purchase on your home or building, and this will be an important choice for you as an owner. Here’s some common tips that the industry recommends for you:

Select from 3 Contractor Estimates.

Verify who you are doing business with is insured [Both Workers Comp & Liability].

Get references of their past work.

Check with Dept. of Professional Registration or your State’s governoring body for contractor complaints.